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Fixing agents


Acid dye-fixing agent


[Main ingredients]

Aromatic sulfonate condensation polymer

[Product properties]

Appearance: red brown liquid

Ionic nature: anion

pH Value: 3.5~4.5

Solubility: soluble in water

Stability: Be able to bear of Acid, alkali, electrolyte and solid water

[Product features]

1.LW-BNR with Germany's best two chemical companies produce acidic

fixing agent looks very similar, almost the same technical indicators.

2.Acid of smooth LW-BNR is wool, nylon, silk, leather goods, etc. Used

in anionic dyes, acid dyes, metal complex dyes) The fiber dyeing special

of smooth, the processed dyeing content, the washing fastness,

fastness to perspiration, sunlight fastness, resistance to chlorine

fastness and cry color fastness and gets great increase;

3.This product in nylon coated fabric of solid color effect is very good,

significantly better than other types of acid of smooth.

4.The fabric color, feel little impact; can be dyed, solid color with bath,

shorten the process. This product is another characteristic is has the

very good acid resistance,is conducive to dilution operation .


Used in acid dye or metal chelating dyeing of solid color processing

Acid dye-fixing agent

Light color series: 1 ~ 2% o.w.f.

The color is: 2~ 3 % o.w.f.

Brunet department: 3~ 4 % o.w.f.

Bath ratio: 1:10~15

Temperature and time: 80℃ × 20 min

[Packaging and storage]

125kg/barrel; sealed saved in a cool and dry place, quality guarantee

period 6 months.

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