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Fixing agents


High fastness formaldehyde-free fixing agent


[Product introduction]

This product belongs to no aldehyde of smooth, used for active, direct,

sulfur dye dyeing material post-processing, can significantly improve

the fastness of the fabric.

main ingredients

[Product properties]

Appearance: Yellow to deep yellow sticky liquid

Ionic nature: cation

pH Value:3~5

Solubility: soluble in water

Stability: can bare to acid, alkali, electrolyte and hard water

[Product features]

1.Fix working fluid fade rarely, can avoid strip shallow, color change


2.The fabric after the product process, color change minimum, do not

affect its original style;

3. The processed fabric, rubbing fastness, soaping fastness, perspiration

fastness, etc have improve obviously;

4.Outstanding alkali resistance performance, can be used in cotton fixed

mercerizing process.

5.Does not contain the formaldehyde, accord with environmental

protection performance;

6. Resistance to chlorine bleaching;


Before fixing process, please send the dyed fabric full rinse (when needs

should soaping), remove residual dye, salt and alkali, to ensure that

subsequent fixing effect.

Recommend general dosage and process:

1.Dipping method:

Fixing agent: 1 ~ 6% O.W.F

Bath ratio: 1:15~ 20

Temperature and time: 30 ℃ by 15 ~ 20 min

Dyeing cloth, dip in 30~ 50℃ of fixing agent LW-B211 working liquid

operation 15 ~ 30 min, washing and drying

2. Pad method

Fixing agent: 20~ 60 g/L

Dyeing cloth, room temperature, two dip two pads of fixing agent

LW-B211 working liquid and drying.

[Packaging and storage]

125kg/barrel, seal save in a cool and dry place, quality guarantee period

12 months.

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