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Fixing agents


Polyester fixing agent



Most synthetic fiber in need before setting before dyeing (temperature

193 to 200℃), to prevent the dyeing fabric deformation. But because of

the oxygen in the air in the light of the catalyst, and disperse dyes in the

fabric of polyester fibers and additives in the reaction of yellowing and

discoloration; or by disperse dyes under the action of heat sublimation

color becomes shallow, our so-called sublimation fastness decrease

called thermal migration down. The production of this phenomenon is

the last 20 years of extensive application of textile products containing

a large number of non ionic surfactant amino silicone oil microemulsion

caused by. The solution is to use a special kind of sublimation fastness

improver (polyester fixative), used before molding and prevent setting

when the sublimation fastness of disperse drop.

[Main ingredients]

Polycationic compounds

[Product properties]

Outside view: Micro yellow liquid

Ion: Yang

PH value: 5 ~ 7.5

Solution solution: easily soluble in cold water

Set: stability of acid and alkali, electrolyte

[Product features]

Prominent features of this product: for disperse dyes, can effectively

improve their sublimation fastness;

Can effectively improve the washing fastness; minimal impact on the

fabric shade;


Rolling process, the product 2 ~ 3% (o.w.f), drying, stereotypes.

Impregnation process: 10 ~ 40 g/L

[Packaging and storage]

125kg/ barrels, stored in a cool, dry place, shelf life of 6 months

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