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Fixing agents


Chlorine fixing agent


[Product introduction]

The products are mainly used in dyeing with reactive dyes in the

postprocessing, can significantly improve the fastness of the fabric,

especially has prominent effect of chlorine on.

[Main ingredient]

Poly cationic compounds

[Product properties]

Appearance: light yellow to yellow liquid

Ionic properties

PH value: 5~7.5

Solubility: soluble in water

Stability: acid, alkali, water and electrolyte

[Product features]

1.This product has reached 150ppm, which is the most distinctive

feature of this product;

2.Solid color fastness to washing and high solid color working fluid lase

little avoid stripping shallow, pale;

3.Of the treated fabric, soaping fastness, perspiration fastness and

other significant improvements;

4.The alkali resistance of 4 prominent, available in post mercerized

cotton solid color process;

5.Does not contain formaldehyde, in line with environmental protection


6.After the product treated fabric, minimal discoloration does not affect

the original style of the fabric.


1.Before fixing the solid color, please fully rinse the dyed fabric (soap

wash when necessary), remove residual salt and alkali, in order to

ensure the subsequent fixation effect.

2.Recommended general dosage and process:

Immersion method: diluted agent: 1~ 6% o.w.f; bath ratio: 1:15~20

Temperature & time: 30~50 ℃ × 15~20min; fixing agent working fluid

dyeing cloth impregnated with 30~50 ℃, 15~30min, water washing and


Padding: fixing agent: 20~60 g/L; dyeing cloth, room two, dip two

rolling working liquid and drying agent.

[Packing and storage]

125kg/barrel, seal save in a cool and dry place, quality guarantee period

12 months.

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